NATIIVE – Rewind

Emerging producer NATIIVE unveils new single 'Rewind'

Emerging producer NATIIVE unveils new single ‘Rewind’

Committed to releasing quality over quantity, NATIIVE is an adventurous producer back with his latest charismatic offering ‘Rewind‘.

Out worldwide tomorrow, you can hear the track exclusively at the top of this page, and trust us, it’s a modern-day love song that comes across as fiercely emotive.

Aiming to leave listeners reminiscing on emotions past and present, we’re certainly you’ll find yourself rewinding the track and sticking it on repeat.

Speaking about the electrifying new release, NATIIVE shares, “When I made this track, It was right around when quarantine was beginning to be lifted, and I was feeling a bit nostalgic of the past. I was listening to a lot of house music – reminiscent of that era when I got into production and electronic music.

I produced 90% of the track in one sitting over the course of a couple hours and then I went about my day haha… Coming out of the year we’ve all been in, with the pandemic and being in lockdown, ‘Rewind’ to me is reflective, remembering the great times and remembering to not take for granted the great moments in life. Just have fun.”

Fusing elements of UK garage with modern-day house music, this danceable number could easily find its way into the house charts.

Could we be in the presence of a global phenomenon? We think so.