Taylor Noelle – Be Around

Nashville singer-songwriter Taylor Noelle reveals the enchanting visuals for new release 'Be Around'

Nashville singer-songwriter Taylor Noelle reveals the enchanting visuals for new release ‘Be Around’

A bold introduction into the musical mind of pop singer-songwriter Taylor Noelle, Be Around’ is equally euphoric and introspective.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Maggie Rogers, HAIM, Tame Impala and SZA, this glistening artist is destined to be on the same pedestal as her influences.

Taken from her debut EP of the same name, ‘Be Around’ is a vivid number with an infectious soundscape.

Written from the perspective of someone wanting to ease their pain, Taylor hopes the song lets people know they are not alone in their struggles. “It’s a song about showing up for someone and loving them when everything seems dark to them.

Even if I can’t fix your problems for you, I can just be with you and be there for you. The difficult times that I have been through give me the experience to know how to show up going through something similar.”

So, it seemed only natural as I approached making a video for the song to use my childhood home videos. Directing and editing this video was very special to me.

It offered me the opportunity to reacquaint myself with my childlike, goofy, creative, confident, loud, unique self. It let me witness the love of my parents and family as I grew under their care.

I hope that this song can help anyone that feels small and dark and alone. The sun will always rise again. Offer yourself love and patience and kindness in the meantime.”

Directed by the songwriter herself, the cinematography and colour palette was created by Drew Baumi.

Armed with a coming-of-age attire, ‘Be Around’ will leave you reflecting the good times you’ve experienced over the year.

Speaking on the EP Taylor explains “This collection of songs tells the story of a particular chapter of my life beginning with fear, anxiety, and desperation and closing with clarity, patience, and love.

Writing and recording these songs offered me the opportunity to process pain, celebrate love, and grow deeper into myself. It feels right to wrap up these songs into a project because of how deeply tied they all feel to each other to me, to allow them to tell the full story.”