Normal Average People – Kolla Ögon

Normal Average People showcase their genre-bending sound on brand new offering 'Kolla Ögon'

Normal Average People showcase their genre-bending sound on brand new offering ‘Kolla Ögon

Normal Average People is a project that pulls from a wide range of influences and sounds, and latest single ‘Kolla Ögon‘ provides a stellar example of their atmospheric and all-encompassing sound.

There are elements of shoegazy sounds found in the track alongside post-punk and hip-hop at times, there is an underlying ominousness throughout which offsets what is otherwise a playful and enjoyable piece of work.

“We decided to record ‘Kolla Ögon live, with a full band in an old warehouse space (aka The NINES) in Copeland Park, Peckham.” Sam Gillbanks told CLOUT of the track. “We both very much wanted to explore the live recording process as it was something neither of us had really done before. Recording live enabled us to create a unique energy within the track and gave us moments of brilliance that we wouldn’t have been able to capture within a multi-track recording process. The room itself also became an important factor, almost another instrument and was a major source for creating a sense of depth within the track. For example we didn’t use any reverb plug-ins and just used mics to capture the instruments within the room itself.”

The result is seismic. At its core the track is a gritty piece of British guitar rock that saunters and sways throughout its duration. The litany of nuanced styles and the inspiration picked from so many different places and worlds of music makes for something that feels truly unique, without ever sacrificing its wider appeal.