OLI – Happy

Your first chance to see the brand new visuals for OLI's ethereal debut single 'Happy'

Your first chance to see the brand new visuals for OLI’s ethereal debut single ‘Happy’

Your first single is a big moment as an artist. Your first real chance to leave your mark, to be seen, to make a statement. Thankfully, 23-year-old Londoner OLI has seized this opportunity with aplomb and provided us with ‘Happy’, an expansive and thoughtful piece of alternative pop that really showcases the artists talents as an artist and songwriter.

“I think whenever you care about someone you want them to be ‘Happy’.” OLI told CLOUT. “Unfortunately you can’t hand someone their happiness, its not down to you and you shouldn’t blame yourself if you can’t deliver exactly what they need. At the end of the day it’s up to them and only them.”

Accompanying the track is its video. A beautifully shot, low key affair that provides an gentle yet captivating backdrop for OLI’s unique, non-conformist sound. The track and its video paint a picture of big things to come from the artist, there is a dreamy effortlessness to her sound that evokes euphoric, daydream-like feelings, and this video serves to emphasise this sense of carefree spirit.

She may have featured as a backing singer for Boy George in the past, but 2020 looks like the time that OLI is set to truly step out into the spotlight in her own right and never look back.