Paula Jivén – Say That

Paula Jivén unveils heavenly pop offering 'Say That'

Paula Jivén unveils heavenly pop offering ‘Say That’

Paula Jivén is a Swedish singer and songwriter who is taking the pop world by storm with her stunningly original music. 

Gaining the attention of Universal Music Sweden with her authentic and innovative creations, Paula is now signed with the world-renowned label and presents her first single of 2022, ‘Say That’.

There’s an otherworldly quality to this chill-pop offering, with glistening synths seamlessly accompanying Paula’s heavenly vocals. The new single shows off Paula’s thoughtful and introspective lyrics, which shine through the effervescent soundscape to convey a meaningful message.

Telling us about the track, Paula shares, “’Say That’ is a song about having everything you need and more, but still not being content.

It’s a strange feeling, being exactly where you’ve dreamed to be, but still not feeling as if it’s enough. It’s like, I really shouldn’t complain, but I still very much feel all of this.”

If ‘Say That’ is an indication of what’s to come, we’re beyond excited to hear the full EP ‘The Duality In Me’ when it arrives in May. 

‘Say That’ is out now via Universal Music Sweden. Follow Paula Jivén on Instagram and tiktok