RIVES – I Don’t Wish You The Best

Cheltenham based duo RIVES return with their new single 'I Don't Wish You The Best'

Cheltenham based duo RIVES return with their new single ‘I Don’t Wish You The Best’

Bathed with charming vocals, glistening guitar melodies and pulsing beats, ‘I Don’t Wish You The Best’ is the latest single from RIVES.

Built upon a contemporary soundscape, presenting dark alt-pop with dreamy R&B undertones, this track would fit perfectly in today’s charts.

The lyrical content is flooded with hard-hitting emotion, demonstrating RIVES’ capability to craft tracks which are doused in authenticity.

Explaining the message behind their inspiring new release, RIVES share, “I Don’t Wish You The Best is an empowering song where you realise your self-worth in the aftermath of getting out of a toxic relationship.

Like the other tracks on our journey, this is a deeply personal song that gives hope to those in situations that feel all too familiar. We’re really proud of I Don’t Wish You The Best and we’re excited to release it to the world after almost a year of hard work.”

A memorable bittersweet number that explores making the tough decision to move on from a toxic relationship, whether it being platonic or romantic, this is entirely relatable.