Ian Huschle – Chores

Colorado indie rocker Ian Huschle returns with new single 'Chores'

Colorado indie rocker Ian Huschle returns with new single ‘Chores’

Coming just months after the release of his 2021 album ‘Knights on the Beach’, Ian Huschle is back with an exceptional new release, ‘Chores‘.

Shining a light on the 90s, the strong influence throughout radiates shoegaze vibes alongside an indie persona.

Nudging artists such as Slowdive and Radiohead, ‘Chores’ could easily find itself in the same vein as the greats.

Speaking on the new single Ian Said: “Chores is about finding yourself at a point in life you might not be happy with. Doing something you might not wanna do, being someone you might not wanna be, longing for an imagined better life.

Maybe we all at times find ourselves in these situations – some of which are in our control, can be changed or made better, while others we have to live with and accept.

Chores is also about enjoying, and being grateful for, the good things we do have in hard times – the relationships, laughter, and little things that get us through the chores.”

Bold and loving all wrapped in a warm blanket, ‘Chores’ is a reassuring number allowing you to get lost in the music for three and a half minutes.