Saint Wade – Hate Me

Saint Wade returns with unapologetic and empowering new single "Hate Me"

Saint Wade returns with unapologetic and empowering new single “Hate Me”

Addictive and original, Saint Wade’s triumphant return ‘Hate Me’ is empowering to say the least.

Sitting at over 18,000 monthly listeners and over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone, this distinctive artist is already turning heads with his transcending music.

Unapologetic and refusing to be firmly labelled to one specific avenue, ‘Hate Me’ is prominently based around a pop soundscape with hip-hop fragrances here and there.

Bathed in a polished production and open-book style lyrics, the best part about ‘Hate Me’ is how it lets listeners put their own spin on the track’s message.

Speaking about his interpretation on the single, Saint Wade shares, “Hate Me is very anti-truce, it’s about owning your own power and not allowing someone back into your life after you trusted them to be there for you.

It’s about cutting ties and leaving the past where it belongs.

Armed with resilience and character, there’s simply nothing to hate about this iconic track.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean, Beyonce and Freddie Mercury, Saint Wade could easily be the next big thing out of the pop/hip-hop world, and ‘Hate Me’ shows why.

The future looks bright for this iconic artist.