somnians – Apollo Heaven

Following their landscape-shifting debut 'White Noise Itch', somnians are once again challenging perceptions and the status quo on 'Apollo Heaven'

Following their landscape-shifting debut ‘White Noise Itch’, somnians are once again challenging perceptions and the status quo on ‘Apollo Heaven’

Since the release of the colossal ‘White Noise Itch’, we have been itching for enigmatic rock outfit somnians to bless us with more of their unique and captivating sound. Fortunately, this has now been presented before us, in the form of ‘Apollo Heaven’.

The track continues where its predecessor left off. It is an uncompromising, at times uncomfortable statement, pointing a finger in the faces of religion, big-pharma and society as a whole, ‘Apollo Heaven’ is a bile-filled message of resistance against the systems that are in place, and the way that we are consistently let down by them.

“Apollo Heaven is inspired by the increase in teenage suicide across the globe, most notably in the US, where anti-depressant prescriptions and overdoses are on the rise.” somnians told CLOUT. “The title refers to America’s history of putting the first man on the moon, making them the most technologically advanced country in the world, yet still relying on archaic Christian belief systems. We feel this blind, conditioned and patriotic faith is what can cause so much conflict in the upbringing of so many children going into adulthood.”

Thankfully, this is all wrapped up in somnians’ mesmerising post punk sound. As predecessors such as Rage Against The Machine and Fever 333 have shown, a message of such defiance resonates and reverberates so much further when it is coupled with truly enticing, thought-provoking sounds, and this track is further proof that somnians have the style to accompany their masses of substance.