Jane Machine – The Future

Jane Machine continues to carve out her unique and ethereal alt-pop sound on 'The Future'

Jane Machine continues to carve out her unique and ethereal alt-pop sound on ‘The Future’

‘The Future’ is a captivating and at times harrowing example of the otherworldly soundscapes and textures that Jane Machine so effortlessly creates.

Minimalist, mysterious and foreboding, the track and its Nastasia Dusapin directed video craft an immaculately dense atmosphere that grips and enthral you throughout, not dissimilar to the work of contemporary artist FKA Twigs. ‘The Future’ is forward-thinking, expressive, cutting edge alternative pop, that serves to progress both the artist and the genre as a whole.

“I thought of the storyline and concept for the music video for ‘The Future’ when I was mid-dreaming. Frequently, ideas for songs or visuals come just when I’m falling out of an early morning dream, and then they percolate in this odd in-between realm until I’m a functioning being with coffee. Or just more assumed in function, I suppose.” Jane Machine told CLOUT of the track.

I am, to my like or dismay, a romantic human, albeit pretty tough and pragmatic at the same time. Perhaps this is why when I do get hit with infatuation it can feel all-consuming, something I surrender to. I think I have a healthier relationship with it now since having wrote this song, but at the time, I was almost kitten-like in my adoration of being picked up by something more abounding than me, this sense of total enamor, and letting myself tumble around in it. I’m rather prone to escapism, or have been.”.

Between them, the track and its video provide a full on assault on the senses, in the best way. This is more than a track, this is an immersive world that Jane Machine has created for you to lose yourself in. Whether you resonate with the track for its heartfelt lyrics, its ethereal atmosphere or its thoughtful composition and structure, there is abundance to love from this track, and the deeper that you go, the more that you’re sure to find.