Suns Up – Grows

Suns Up return with infectious pop-rock hit ‘Grows’

Suns Up return with infectious pop-rock hit ‘Grows’

Chichester’s Suns Up return with their summer anthem ‘Grows’ via Young Poet Records. Citing their main influences as Fleetwood Mac and Phoenix, Suns Up are a quartet making music to sing and dance to.

Sure to be one of your favourite lockdown discoveries, ‘Grows’ is an upbeat indie banger perfect to get you in the mood for partying in quarantine.

‘Grows’ is their first release since last year’s ‘Come Down’ EP, which saw coverage from Spotify’s New Music Friday, BBC Introducing and Radio x to name a few.

Suns Up told us, “The song is about us being in the prime of our lives, enjoying what’s happening but deep down wanting more, questioning yourself daily but finding comfort in staying up late at night working on something you’re passionate about”

About the feeling of being content whilst also wanting more out of your life, ‘Grows’ is independent yet features a vulnerable message. Imagine having the brain capacity to write a song in a car while driving, crazy, right? Suns Up did exactly that and made it one of their best tracks to date.

“The original idea for ‘Grows’ was written on the A2, driving from London to the Isle of Sheppey. We were showing each other music and David started singing the melody of the main riff. I grabbed the guitar from the backseat, wound down the window to accommodate the neck and started jamming along. 

About three weeks later we were working on it in our rehearsal studio in Chichester. David stepped outside into the corridor to write the chorus and we worked on the music, when he came back in we spent time looping and finessing the chords underneath. As soon as we were in a good place we cut a demo at home.” – Suns Up

Guaranteed to grow into an important track in Suns Up discography, the band better brace themselves for impact, the limelight is coming.