Surrija – ‘Nothing Love’

The unique and intriguing artist shares her captivating debut...

The unique and intriguing artist shares her captivating debut…

LA-based Surrija produces tactile electro pop, brimming with layers of lush production and deeply-seated, lyrical subtext. Her unique soundscapes feel wild and untamed while obviously weaved together by a meticulous, Type-A intensity. The result is a sound that begs repeat exploration.

Her debut single ‘Nothing Love’ sonically sits somewhere between the visceral melodies of Fiona Apple with the hypnotic dynamics of James Blake. Imbued with sweeping strings, glitchy samples, and cinematic flourishes, the track slowly sinks its teeth in, asking listeners to be patient by delaying the delivery of the ecstatic synth-driven hook.

“‘Nothing Love’ is about the kind of heartbreak that hurts so much it feels absurd,” Surrija asserts. But this is not a mopey heartbreak anthem. Clearly, the song is a vehicle for her to release this kind, crippling pain, as the highlighted tension finally gives way to a Brazilian carnival of instrumental tags which explode like fireworks across the angular beats.

‘Nothing Love’ is available 10th January, with Surrija’s self-titled album being released 3rd April.