Vanishing Shores – City by the Sea

Vanishing Shores explore indie-rock territory in transcending new single 'City by the Sea'

Vanishing Shores explore indie-rock territory in transcending new single ‘City by the Sea’

Combining the melodic elements of Britpop and the urgency of Indie Rock, Vanishing Shores return with their latest bold move ‘City by the Sea’.

Just over 5 minutes long, this captivating release will steal your attention and never let it wonder.

Led by singer-songwriter Kevin Bianchi, the songwriter has been joined by a rotating collective of collaborators who each provide their unique talents to carefully craft the musical vision of Vanishing Shores both in the studio and on stage.

Sharing their thoughts on the release, Vanishing Shores explain, “There is always something supernatural about the sea; its mystery, its power, and its inspiration.

I find myself returning to the sea whenever I need restoration. When I wrote ‘City by the Sea’,

I was imagining lovers who were tired and strained but believing that the journey to the sea would bring them strength and forgiveness.

The beauty of a relationship is not in its perfection but in its willingness to stay and be present regardless of the struggle.

Love is not found in the easy, but in the willingness to stay and say, ‘I forgive you, will you forgive me?’

If there is something we should fight for, it’s that love always has the last word in our life. ‘City by the Sea’ is both a reminder and a celebration of the healing wounds of love.”

By refusing to be comfortable and safe, Vanishing Shores is creating a bold future where their music becomes a vital part of the shared experiences of their audience.

“City by the Sea” feels like the ultimate holiday track and provides inspiration for the nation.