whatshisface – Unaware

Unaware of whatshisface's enchanting music? Lets change that for you!

Unaware of whatshisface’s enchanting music? Lets change that for you!

Los Angeles based musician whatshisface is an artist that will instantly find his way onto your playlist.

Unveiling addictive new single ‘Unaware‘, this inspiring number will resonate with fans of Frank Ocean, Radiohead and Twenty One Pilots to name a few.

Entering with captivating vocals, the angelic soundscape is driven by dynamic percussion, ethereal synths and compelling lyricism.

Revealing the meaning behind his new track, whatshisface says, “The older we get, the more reality and real life seep in. ‘Unaware’ is a song aspiring for blissful ignorance.

Aligning with the mindset we had when we were younger with no awareness as to what was waiting for us in adulthood.”

Climbing the walls with its moody soundscape, ‘Unaware’ still comes across as mature and confident. Bathed in unforgettable melodies, the poetic performance is indie-pop at its finest.

Armed with distinctive potential to be a household name, ‘Unaware’ is alluring and oozes with memorable elements.

Possessing the darker sound of pop and nudging artists such as Billie Eilish, this electronic-infused contender deserves to be a hit.

This emerging prodigy is set to have his name in lights, and you heard it here first.