Wise John – Mr. Love

Nostalgic yet futuristic in its own right, 'Mr. Love' is a joyful folk rock number

Nostalgic yet futuristic in its own right, ‘Mr. Love’ is a joyful folk rock number

Recorded in a Brooklyn apartment with artist Elise Trouw and producer Quinn Devlin, Wise John’s new adventure is a smooth adaptation of yesteryear with fragrances of the present day throughout.

“Mr Love” is the lead single from Wise John’s forthcoming EP ‘The Mr Love Sunset Show’.

Speaking about the release, Wise John shares, “I was pretty certain from the moment I wrote it how I wanted Mr. Love to sound, and equally certain that I couldn’t accomplish that sound by myself. In an incredible stroke of random luck, I met Quinn (who produced this track and 2 other tracks on the EP) at a bar in Brooklyn that very same week. (He drily introduced himself as a professional drinker).

After that, it was just a matter of bringing on musicians to play for the record–I recruited my girlfriend and her roommate as backing vocalists, and my longtime friend Elise Trouw came out for a visit from LA to play drums. Quinn brought on his studio A-team for the rest.

That’s the story of how we all ended up in his living room in April. We made what I think is a real magic mix of my piano-driven songwriting and obsessively precise vocal arrangements, and Quinn’s sunny, relaxed, Philly soul-inflected rhythm section sound. Seems easy in retrospect. But good luck always seems that way, looking back.”

A step forward in Wise John’s career, ‘Mr. Love’ could really put his name firmly on the musical map.