Young Empress – Christine

Young Empress return with their third single 'Christine'

Young Empress return with their third single ‘Christine’

Sometimes a band comes along onto the scene and just captures your heart instantly…Young Empress are exactly that band. Radiating 80’s vibes with their distinctive music, the duo are known for their synthwave tunes bathed in nostalgia.

Back with their third single to date, “Christine” lives up to any expectation you might have had. Film lovers by heart, the cinematic production that Young Empress relive on each track is refreshing and armed with authenticity.

On the release, Young Empress told us, “If our first two singles were the wide eyed infant of Young Empress then Christine is definitely our troubled teen years. It’s a real mood hoover.

Using the legendary John Carpenter film as inspiration, this track is us taking a left turn, off-road and down a darker path. With a thriller theme, it’s times to cover your eyes and steer your ears this way.”

Rebecca’s vocals are prominent and note-perfect. There was never any doubt that this song would be good, it’s truly breathtaking and one of the duo’s best releases to date.

Slightly darker than previous releases, the track still feels reassuring and something to stick on within the world’s current darkness.

A two-piece living in the shadows of retro-inspired soundtracks, Young Empress are saving 2020 with this comforting new single.