‘Believe’ is a funk-laden riot from the ever-infectious Rayowa

The track is from the trio's new sophomore EP of the same name.

The track is from the trio’s new sophomore EP of the same name.

Following the runaway success of their excellent 2020 debut EP Keepin’ Me Under, Rayowa have grown in acclaim and reverence thanks to their distinctive, yet throwback infusing of R&B and Soul, and unmistakable falsetto falsetto vocals. The two year wait for more from the trio has felt arduous, but their sophomore EP Believe has proven to be more than worth the wait.

The second track of the EP is its title track, ‘Believe’, a slick, effortlessly cool reminder that Rayowa haven’t lost a step, and their sound feels as timeless and all-encompassing as ever. The rhythms and basslines here feel as enticing and undeniable as ever, transporting you to a world of catchy melodies and infectious grooves. Rayowa have continued to bring the funk in a way that only that can, and this increased sense of focus and adventure looks to push their sound into exciting new avenues and directions.