‘Alarms’ is the final single from ROE’s stellar debut album

The track closes out the excellent That's When The Panic Sets In.

The track closes out the excellent That’s When The Panic Sets In.

The final single from ROE’s debut lauded debut album That’s When The Panic Sets In is the albums last track, ‘Alarms’. A gorgeous, slow burning track that is steeped in the authenticity and heartfelt emotion that the artist has grown known for.

The track punctuates the LP perfectly, building to a gorgeously poignant and anthemic set of gang vocals that feel like a fitting and rousing end to an album that tackles so much adversity and uncertainty throughout. ROE has established herself as a real force throughout her debut album, and ‘Alarms’ is just one in a plethora of highlights throughout it.

“We were halfway through recording my album when I wrote ‘Alarms’ and immediately knew it needed to be how the record ended.  I think this song speaks for itself so I don’t want to ruin it with any kind of possible explanation. All that I will say is that it’s the song on That’s When The Panic Sets In that means the most to me, and getting to sing on it with some of my best friends was one of the most fulfilling experiences ever.” Roe says of ‘Alarms’.

These songs are a documentary of my inner most thoughts and insecurities over the past couple years. It feels like a lot to hand them off to the world, but there’s also some kind of huge relief in that: like this is who I am and what I’m capable of.”