Roxanne Kelly’s ‘Dangerous Love’ nudges to her Latin side

‘Dangerous Love’ is Roxanne Kelly’s sincere debut single

‘Dangerous Love’ is Roxanne Kelly’s sincere debut single

Making a statement in the music industry with her desirable debut single ‘Dangerous Love’, Roxanne Kelly is a singer-songwriter currently based in North London. Born and raised in London to Costa Rican and Irish parents, this songstress is sticking to her roots. Bringing her Latin essence to the table, ‘Dangerous Love’ features a flamenco inspired guitar line, a powerful vocal and room to grow.

“The song is simply about loving something or someone that you know is bad for you but you can’t let go. Whether that be an addiction, an eating disorder or being in a toxic romantic relationship depends on the listeners’ connection to the lyrics.

It can be so hard to even acknowledge that something you love can harm you and this song is crying out in pain asking for help, screaming to be able to give it up. I believe this song is relatable to many”, says Roxanne Kelly.

‘Dangerous Love’ is a captivating look into a Roxanne’s bright future ahead.