‘Pill Party’ is Sage Charmaine’s haunting and emotional new release

Alongside its video the track makes for a very real and vivid experience of excess

‘Pill Party’ is a vulnerable and sobering ode to drug culture among young people and the apathy and desensitisation that has come with it.

Set alongside a backdrop of dreamy, effortlessly engaging sounds, Sage’s lyrics tell a different and more harrowing tale of excess and vulnerability. The artist’s cavalier attitude towards the situation and the breezy and fun sound does a nice job of typifying the apathy towards the problem, the track’s fun found masks the severity of the issue as we tend to in real life. ‘Pill Party’ is a glamorous and engaging track about a problem that is often glamorised, and does a wonderful job of establishing the depth and thoughtful nature of Sage Charmaine’s unique indie pop sound.

Sage says of the track “pill party is a complex song for me – it’s about feeling trapped inside yourself & not knowing how to get out. during times like these, i know myself & many others find it hard to not self-medicate so i wanted to write a song about exactly that, for us. 

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