‘Counting On Me’ is a melancholy new pop rock release from SAM LUMAR

The track follows the artist's promising debut single 'SODA'.

The track follows the artist’s promising debut single ‘SODA’.

Emerging artist SAM LUMAR¬†showed up last year with his immersive debut single ‘SODA’, a driving, dynamic release that showcased an artist with a real cutting edge and flair for the dramatic and explosive.

The artist has now followed that up with ‘Counting On Me’, a more stripped-back, melancholy release that deals with themes like loss, death and the fear of these things affecting the people you love. The track does a great job of establishing another facet to SAM LUMAR and his sound, and has a really emotionally resonant, heartfelt feel to it that cuts through in an impactful way. SAM LUMAR is someone who has already showcased the ability to convey a range of emotions and moods within his sound, and it feels like we’re yet to see the full potential and creativity that he has to offer.