Shai Brides sweat the impending end of the world on euphoric and vibrant new single ‘Little Things’

The track follows the lauded recent releases of 'Don't Matter' and 'Gatling Gun'

The track follows the lauded recent releases of ‘Don’t Matter’ and ‘Gatling Gun’

Using a colourful and vibrant sound to explore heavy and intense subjects, Shai Brides have created a really interesting juxtaposition and duality through their sound, marrying style and substance with a sense of confidence and verve that feels as intoxicating as it does confounding.

Their latest single ‘Little Things’, spearheaded by singers Thom Dent and Meghan Avery, explores the impending climate crisis that inevitably awaits us all, and the bizarrely apathetic and disinterested view that so many have towards it. The sound here feels as exciting and dynamic as it ever has, matching the upped stakes of the dystopian narrative with a more euphoric and soaring sound. There is a palpable sense of anxiety throughout however, and as the track builds to its rewarding climax, it feels wholly apparent that the band’s multi-faceted allure and increasing levels of creativity and ingenuity has them primed to do truly special things.