‘Jake from Minnesota’ is an enthralling and immersive new folk-pop single from Bea Stewart

The track is the final single from her excellent new EP Sorry I'm So Sensitive

The track is the final single from her excellent new EP Sorry I’m So Sensitive

At CLOUT, we are totally enamoured with Bea Stewart and the vulnerable and authentic charm of her folk-pop sound, so having showered the first three tracks from her new EP Sorry I’m So Sensitive with praise and adoration, we were excited for it to release and to hear the remaining track we were left to hear.

That track has come in the form of ‘Jake from Minnesota’, a typically autobiographical track but one that has a much more light and breezy tone to the bulk of the artist’s work, instead recalling a nice encounter that the artist had with the titular character, making for a charming and engrossing track with an aura of wistfulness and longing. The lyrics are earnest and candid and the artist’s sound feels as easy to love and find yourself enamoured with as ever, rounding out a stellar and memorable EP with its final, memorable piece.

“Jake from Minnesota is the last track on the EP Sorry I’m So Sensitive and is maybe my favourite song to play live.” Bea says of the track. “It feels like story time and I love seeing the faces of people in the room coming on the journey with me, especially people hearing it for the first time. It really is just a song telling a story about an encounter I had with a boy called Jake who was from Minnesota. It feels light and sweet and is a nice change from some of the heavier topics I write about. Playing it live feels really special and it was important to me that we didn’t lose that in the recording process. I wanted to just bottle up the feeling in the room at a gig so people can feel the same way when they listen at home and I think Oskar has done a beautiful job in producing it just like that.”