‘Lock & Key’ is a poignant and captivating new release from Sky Olson

The track continues to highlight the artist's immersive and unique songwriting style.

The track continues to highlight the artist’s immersive and unique songwriting style.

Award-winning Utah songwriter Sky Olson has been earning rave reviews over the last few years for his immersive, self-produced sounds, and shows no signs of slowing down with the release of his similarly captivating latest single.

‘Lock & Key’ is a thoughtful and stirring release that explores the feelings involved with being tangled in with somebody that isn’t right for you. There is an ominous and atmospheric sound that accompanies the narrative, making for a multi-faceted and captivating appeal that really highlights the artist’s deft charisma and charm as a compelling songwriter. There are traces of modern pop, rock and indie within the sound, all mixed together to craft Sky Olson’s fiercely unique cocktail of sounds, continuing to carve out his reputation as one of the most distinctive and versatile emerging artists around.