‘feel the same’ is more genre-crossing goodness from indie outfit The Millennial Club

The So-Cal quartet shine on their melancholy latest effort

The So-Cal quartet shine on their melancholy latest effort

Constantly flirting with genre and looking to push the boundaries of their sound, ‘feel the same’ sees So-Cal quartet The Millennial Club showcase the nuance and promise of their unique sound.

Their unique marriage of indie, synth-pop and 90s R&B has provided the outfit with an affable and spacious sound that highlights their charm and appeal. ‘feel the same’ is a perfect example of this. It’s melancholic, deliberate pacing and smooth, pristine exterior provide the track with a breezy, almost ethereal quality, and provide the perfect backdrop for Andres Owens’ alluring vocals and lyrics.

“I wrote ‘feel the same’ just before I started dating my current girlfriend, Madelyn. The song is an honest depiction of how I felt before I learned that she reciprocated my feelings. I would constantly wonder: ‘Does she feel the same?’” Andres has said.

“The song is a token to that time of my life when I was constantly wondering, where it was stressful, yet now, I’m incredibly happy. It’s meant to be a relatable tribute released on Valentine’s Day for both couples and singles, depending on which stage you’re at.”