The Mos Capri Experiment shows off her endearing sound on ‘Ok to Trust Yourself’.

'Ok to Trust Yourself' is the final track of Mos Capri's debut EP Let Her Speak.

‘Ok to Trust Yourself’ is the final track of Mos Capri’s debut EP Let Her Speak.

As a society, we’re often taught that we have to strive for perfection and compare ourselves to others constantly. Whether it’s on social media, in our careers, or anywhere and everything that you can think of, it seems almost ingrained within our psyche. ‘Ok to Trust Yourself’ is a track about giving yourself a break from this and letting your own feelings and instincts come first.

Guided by Mos Capri‘s alluring and reassuring voice. The track is a welcome break from the constant noise and negativity we are bombarded with on a seemingly endless basis. ‘Ok to Love Yourself’ as a track feels like a little bit of self-love, something that we probably all owe ourselves a few minutes out of our day to listen to and have a gentle reminder to give ourselves a break.

“It’s easy to get completely numbed out by social media and lose touch with what actually matters in life” Mos explains: “Part of my story is working on letting that go, trusting myself and sharing that with others. I guess that’s the core of “The Mos Capri Experiment”.