‘My own way’ is a quietly empowering new single from the boundlessly creative Tiphanie Doucet

The track serves as the first glimpse into the artist's long-awaited upcoming album Letters

The track serves as the first glimpse into the artist’s long-awaited upcoming album Letters

Having garnered a reputation over the last few years for both her prolific and consistent output and enthralling listeners from all around the globe, versatile singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tiphanie Doucet¬†is an artist who’s sound has a kind of reverence and gravity that makes you sit up and take notice, blessed with gorgeous, subtle nuances and quirks that set her artistry apart from the pack.

The artist’s latest single is the wonderfully rousing and optimistic ‘My own way’, capturing the artist’s defiant determination to be entirely herself regardless of industry standards or what is expected of her, making for an engrossing and captivating listening experience. Regardless of the softness of the sound, there is a really empowering and powerful edge to the sound and the impact of her words, buoyed by the creative allure of the artist’s unapologetically unique sound.