‘Plaything’ is a multi-faceted and powerful new single from TRUNKS

The track is from the artist's stellar new debut EP of the same name

The track is from the artist’s stellar new debut EP of the same name

His distinctive and impactful brand of synth-laden alternative indie pop have seen UK artist TRUNKS emerge as an exciting rising prospect since the release of his debut single ‘Again, Tonight’ last year, and the artist looks to have released his most exciting work so far in the form of his debut EP Plaything.

The release is packed full of fun moments that cement the appeal of his sound, one of which being the title track ‘Plaything’ itself, a track that has a searingly cool soundscape of poppy hooks and melodies while hinting at a darkness that lies beneath. The narrative continues along this theme with lyrics surrounding love, manipulation and lies, and a relationship that has been stained past the point of return as a result. This track has a verve and energy to it that feels exciting and unique, and does a great job of highlighting what the artist and the rest of his EP have in store thanks to its killer cutting edge.