TTRRUUCES hypnotise on their new self-titled anthem

Let the brainwashing commence!

Let the brainwashing commence!

They introduced an ambitious narrative with the first single from their forthcoming debut album ‘Sad Girl’, and now TTRRUUCES return with their hypnotic follow up, er, ‘TTRRUUCES’.

Part of a wider story unfolding around their music, ‘TTRRUUCES’ is an altogether eerie and inviting turn. Named after the drug given to the tale’s characters Sadie (aka. the ‘Sad Girl’) and Syd (the ‘Lost Boy’ of his own track)  by the Bad Kids, the new single is a careering theremin-induced trip that plays out in a creepily Uncanny world.

“It’s an ‘Initiation of your ego death,” say the Bad Kids. “You’ve been up too high, but in the wrong place / Now you’re gonna find out what you have always chased.” Will Sadie and Syd find what they seek. We’ll have to stay tuned to find out…

‘TTRRUUCES’ is available now.