‘Changeling’ is an ambitious and uneasy new single from Under Starling

The track showcases the Irish outfit's more intense and atmospheric side

The track showcases the Irish outfit’s more intense and atmospheric side

Exploring the complexities and challenges of themes like love and distrust, Irish alternative rock outfit Under Starling¬†feel as immersive and expansive as ever on their new single ‘Changeling’, melding the catchy and the unerringly dark and unforgiving with a deftness and appeal that feels engrossing throughout.

The new single explores heartbreaking story of Bridget Cleary; a woman murdered by her manic husband riddled with superstition. The atmospheric feel of the sound and dynamism of the instrumental gives the narrative the sense of gravity and seriousness that it deserves, with the band’s sound and lyrics doing a great job of unfolding a narrative wrought with paranoia, suspicion and a fervent intensity throughout. ‘Changeling’ is an ambitious track that takes on a difficult story and channels it into something that feels enthralling, creating an aura of uncertainty and tension that feels gripping.