‘SUCKER’ is an intoxicating anthem about toxic friendships from WALTA

The track is an emphatic change of pace from the artist's gorgeous debut 'Can We Be Friends?'.

The track is an emphatic change of pace from the artist’s gorgeous debut ‘Can We Be Friends?’.

‘SUCKER’ is just the second release from Australian alt-pop upstart WALTA, but already showcases an artist who has a life time of poise and effortlessly cool appeal.

The track showcases a different side to WALTA, real name Chloe Minogue, following on from the gorgeous and more subdued ‘Can We Be Friends?’, highlighting a sharper and more tongue-in-cheek side to the artist’s sound. ‘SUCKER’ is an uncompromising and unfiltered anthem for anybody who feels like people are trying to take advantage or walk over them, and with two releases to her name, WALTA has already established an intoxicating sound and a plethora of range.

“’SUCKER’ is a rebellious tongue-in-cheek track inspired by the unspoken attraction between two friends and how toxic and misleading it can get.” WALTA says of the track. “After witnessing one of my close friends go through this and watching that friendship get more and more destructive, I started writing down the words I wish my friend could have said but knew she never would, that’s when ‘SUCKER’ was born.”