‘Getaway’ is a nuanced and engrossing debut single from alt-pop outfit WRKHOUSE

The track is also the first release from their upcoming debut EP

On their stellar and engrossing debut single ‘Getaway’, UK indie rock outfit WRKHOUSE have immediately propelled themselves into the crop of hungry and exciting young bands in the region, boasting a sense of drive and composure that feels instantly compelling.

Their debut single is a laid-back and thoughtful affair, exploring a faltering relationship from both perspective, and exploring the reasons for always coming back to the doomed situation from each of the parties. This makes for a track that is packed full of intrigue as the narrative unfolds, instantly highlighting the nuanced and multi-faceted appeal of the band and their writing. With their debut single forming part of an upcoming EP from the band, we’re looking forward to hearing what else they have in store for us going forward.

“We’ve been through a lot with this song,” explains lead singer Lewys Meredydd, “We’ve been writing and performing together since 2018, but this marks a brand new chapter for us after our rebrand from being solely Welsh language to leaning towards bilingualism.”

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