Smooth as they come, Your Hunni ‘Need Some’

It's slick debut from the queer Toronto artist!

It’s slick debut from the queer Toronto artist!

Penned on Valentine’s Day, queer Toronto artist Your Hunni makes an undeniably slick and smooth debut with her new single ‘Need Some’.

Utilising minimal beats and understated synths, ‘Need Some’ is a subtle R&B throwback given a contemporary twist with its bright chimes. Led by Your Hunni’s coolly laidback vocal, the track’s catchy chorus is dismissively blasé as it is crammed full of desire.

“‘Need Some’ was written and recorded in one afternoon on Valentine’s Day,” shares Your Hunni of the single. “Gabriel Pick (the producer) and I tossed around the idea of writing an emotional track, but we weren’t feeling the vibe. I’ve been working on radical self-acceptance and felt there was no better time than that day to write about being on my own and wanting to indulge myself!

“‘Need Some’ is for everyone who knows that being single and feeling yourself is a power move,” they continue. “It’s the bi-anthem I gave up on waiting for and wrote myself. It’s for anyone caught up in their own dreamworld, unwilling to compromise on what makes them feel good. I want every listener to feel that energy.”

‘Need Some’ is available now.