Disco Lizards showcase a more intimate side to their sound on ‘Anything Other Than Love’

The track is the outfit's second release of 2022 following the excellent 'Slow'.

The track is the outfit’s second release of 2022 following the excellent ‘Slow’.

Burning with heartfelt emotion and packing a real endearing sense of vulnerability and earnest honesty, ‘Anything Other Than Love’ is a heartbroken and eye-openingly intimate new release from UK outfit Disco Lizards.

The stripped-back single, the second release from their upcoming EP, sees the outfit adding violins to their sound for the first time. This leads to a sound that feeling endearingly raw and thoughtful, adding an extra sense of gravity and importance to a track that already feels like it is dripping with sincerity and heart. ‘Anything Other Than Love’ is a stellar release that really showcases the range and the potency of Disco Lizards and their sound, and continues to affirm that their upcoming EP may just be their most ambitious and exciting work to date.