Newly reformed Voxtrot release a brand new video for their 2005 single ‘The Start of Something’

The video features never seen before footage of the band on their 2005 US tour.

The video features never seen before footage of the band on their 2005 US tour.

Acclaimed indie pop/rock band Voxtrot, who previously announced their reformation following their the Austin band’s split in 2010, have now announced two new vinyl releases Early Music & Cut From the Stone: Rarities & B-Sides, each of which as set to ship in September. Both albums will be released via the band’s label Cult Hero and can be pre-ordered now at Bandcamp.

Early Music is a collection of the band’s first two EPs, 2005’s Raised By Wolves and 2006’s Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives. Alongside the release, the outfit have also announced a brand new video for their acclaimed 2005 single ‘The Start of Something’, which features never before seen footage from the band’s first U.S tour in 2005.

“About a year ago,” Voxtrot frontman Ramesh Srivastava says, “I had a dream where we were onstage and it was really positive. And there was such a strong and palpable feeling of love in my heart that when I woke up, it was still with me. I switched on my phone and started looking at things tagged with Voxtrot on social media – like teenagers now covering our songs, people with Voxtrot tattoos – and just went down this internet rabbit hole that made me realize how much love there still is for the band. I was seeing it from this really wonderful viewpoint, and that morning – for the first time since the band broke up – it seemed very, very obvious that we should do this.”

“Recently, an elder in my spiritual community was talking about how this is a very dark time for humanity, and how individual people need to be the seed of light that, even in this dark time, would eventually grow and lead the world out of the darkness,” Srivastava says. And I like the idea of bringing that light from what, to me anyway, felt like this easier time, back into this difficult time.”

Voxtrot Tour Dates 

September 17 – New York NY @ Webster Hall (tickets)

September 18 – Washington DC @ Black Cat (tickets)

September 23 – San Francisco CA @ The Independent (tickets)

September 24 – Los Angeles CA @ The Regent (tickets)

October 21 – Chicago IL @ Thalia Hall (tickets)

October 22 – Minneapolis MN @ Fine Line (tickets)

November 12 – Austin TX @ The Mohawk (tickets)