PLANT expands upon her cutting edge alt-pop sound on ‘Headspace’

The track follows her well received debut single 'Aftershock'.

The track follows her well received debut single ‘Aftershock’.

Following the breakout success of her debut single ‘Aftershock’, electro-pop upstart PLANT continues to establish her captivating, cutting edge sound on brand new single ‘Headspace’.

The track feels distinctive from the offset, boasting a synthy, bassy sound that ripples with a slick cutting edge, carving out an effortlessly cool atmosphere that builds to a memorable, ice cold chorus. ‘Headspace’ explores themes of inner turmoil and an inability to settle or feel like you’re producing and achieving enough, but the inescapable fun of the sonic presentation and the unique flair of the artist masks these feelings behind a wall of enticing sounds.

Speaking on the inspiration of ‘Headspace’, PLANT explains “Headspace is about a violent inner dialogue and the duality found in pressurising yourself so much that you’re already set up for failure. I wrote Headspace in a zoom session in the middle of the first lockdown. I was living back with my mom in Hawaii, having such a special time, but feeling so uprooted from my normal life and so unproductive that I couldn’t stop mentally undermining and interrogating any joy that I was finding in the present moment. I was never good enough for myself”