Who TF is Jordan Dean?

We had a chat with Jordan Dean, an exciting emerging artist looking put a bit more grit into modern pop

Jordan Dean is an artist who is clamouring to see a bit more of the rawness and grit of yesteryear injected back into popular music, and his thoughtful and charismatic sound provides a glowing example of the artist’s vision for contemporary sounds and creativity that he possesses.

The artist, who’s origins lie in Nashville, has an memorably melodic sound that packs a punch, anchored by his brash personality and acerbic wit, like a stateside answer to Jamie T or Alex Turner. His latest releases such as ‘Feeling Strange’ and ‘Free Advice, No One’s Buying’ provide an emphatic glimpse into the world of Jordan Dean, and are sure to work their way into your subconscious thanks to their cool, distinctive feel, and engaging, anthemic flavour. This is enticing, melodic pop with a garage rock sensibility and ethos, a timeless sound that feels sure to rally and unite audiences looking for something a bit more authentic and real.

Who TF is Jordan Dean?

Jordan Dean is your older millennial sister’s favourite artist that started making music post 2010. Read that as many times as it takes to it makes sense

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music ever since I was a kid but about 4 years ago I started taking it seriously, writing, recording and all that. It’s been a crazy journey but I feel like I’m finally in the position where I feel like the art is the perfect representation of me.

Why do you make music?

Right now there are two main reasons that I make music
– i) I make music because I feel like I have something to say. Not ‘have something to say’ in the generic sense but in the sense that I can add something to the young adult experience in 2022. Part personal experience, part social commentary, I want to make sure that the music means something and that it adds to a conversation.
– ii) I desperately want to see a return to pop music that is a bit rougher around the edges. Clearly there has been loads of cool stuff being done recently but I think everyone’s ready to listen to music that’s a little imperfect again, something a little more raw.

What are your biggest influences?

Obviously I draw a big inspiration from the garage rock/indie rock scene of the 2000s (Arctic Monkeys, Jamie T, Kings of Leon, etc.)  but I also am a huge fan of acts like The Kinks, Tribe Called Quest, The Jam, and Outkast.

What would you say has been your best moment so far?

I recently went and experienced SXSW in Austin, Texas. Between playing, meeting other artists and connecting with new fans it was a really amazing time. SXSW is definitely a unique festival and I liked that all the stages were small and all the people were there for the music.

How would you describe your sound to somebody unfamiliar with it?

I would say my sound is if Jamie T had a baby with someone who wasn’t very good at producing and needed to rely on a band more.

What’s your dream “I’ve made it” moment?

Playing Glasto. Any stage. I think it’s the best festival in the world and that would definitely make a dream come true.

We love your new single ‘Free Advice, No One’s Buying’, what more can you tell us about it?

I don’t want to go into too much detail because I like letting people interpret songs on their own but vaguely ‘Free Advice’ is about doubt and how going after what you want in life may leave a bitter taste in some people’s mouths. The video co directed by Conor Cunningham and I is a good watch also, the visuals on this one were very dialed in. 

What else do you have planned for the near future?

A lot of recording and hopefully touring. I have a lot of material I want to get out into the world and I want to do that as soon as possible.

And finally, who is your biggest fan right now?

My biggest fan right now is probably me. Not in a cunty way but if you’re not a fan of yourself, how do you expect anyone else to be. That being said, I’m also my biggest critic. That was the most unbearable answer I could have given 🙂