‘Crazy’ is the latest showcase of Alayisha’s uniquely vulnerable sound

The artist's soulful style effortlessly melds jazz and pop.

The artist’s soulful style effortlessly melds jazz and pop.

Brooklyn-based independent artist Alayisha is an artist who has been organically winning over the hearts and minds of a growing fanbase since the release of her 2019 debut EP Progress.

The latest example of the artist’s unique talents is the new single ‘Crazy’, a track continues to showcase the distinctive personality and sound that she has in spades. The artist produces and records all of the music in her own home, and this comes across majestically in her sound. Singer-songwriters such as Alayisha, and contemporaries such as Kali Uchis and Arlo Parks, is that within their sound comes an authenticity, and a uniqueness that makes it feel completely and utterly their own, and this is something that the artist has mastered. ‘Crazy’ is a track that effortlessly melds jazz and pop into a smooth, engaging package that oozes with soul and life.

“‘Crazy’ is about realizing a relationship is no longer where it used to be, and it may never be the same. I honestly wrote this about a semi friendship breakup I had. I felt like I could never escape from seeing the other person and seeing them doing things and living their life without me, and this song helped me mourn and come to terms that the relationship was over, or at least it could never be the way it uses to be.”

The song was written at the end of 2020 after crying over seeing an old friend’s instagram post. I wrote it to grieve and then I attempted to produce it but after a short time I left it alone. In January of 2022 I came back to it and completely started from scratch with the goal of finishing it in a month. This is also the first song I played a real bass on and I am far from a bass player but it was really fun to try it out and explore on a song I love.”