The New Nostalgia show off a flair for the surreal and chaotic on new single ‘COW SONG’

The track follows the release of 'A Fridge In Berlin' from earlier this year

The track follows the release of ‘A Fridge In Berlin’ from earlier this year

Showcasing a more unhinged and carefree side to their dynamic alternative rock sound, The New Nostalgia embrace their most chaotic and surreal tendencies on ‘COW SONG’, a track that feels as perplexing and obscure as it does infectiously, uproariously fun.

There are still seeds of the bands politically charged, more conscious material, but the MO of the track just seems to be having as much unbridled and unbothered fun as possible. The guitar-driven grooves feel as infectious as they do heavy, while the vocals have a frantic disposition that adds to the sheer lunacy and chaos of the track. ‘COW SONG’ isn’t the most serious or thoughtful release that The New Nostalgia will ever put their name to, but it is packed full of eclectic charm and energy that provides an engrossing bit of respite from their more emotionally charged work.

“’COW SONG’ is the first track we wrote after the release of our album BLEED & BLOOD. in 2022.” Lead singer Patrick McCallion says of the track. “The album was dense with political and socially aware material so I think we all loved the idea of releasing something mad, silly and unhinged as a follow up. COW SONG is daft, brash and about a million different things, but the core is a story of anarchy and chaos; giving into nihilistic tendencies and watching everything burn down!”