‘Confetti’ sees Vita and the Woolf ready for change

The new album 'Anna Ohio' is set for release 21st August!

The new album Anna Ohio is set for release 21st August!

With her new album Anna Ohio is set for release 21st August, Vita and the Woolf sets the tone in the affable drama of ‘Confetti’.

With the collection focusing on the titular fictional character, ‘Confetti’ is a moment that succinctly captures the morning after the night before. With an easy rhythm and soothing harmonies, the track finds momentum with its evocative guitar work and moody bass line. Capturing the tone with its earnest lyrics, the accompanying visual portrays the carefree abandon of when you’ve had enough of your present.

“The downfall. Anna, waking up, fucking up, partying too much, going on a bender,” describes songwriter Jen Pauge. “Staying up till four in the morning, drunk texting her ex, working a job she hates.

“It’s also the realization that if she leaves this life she’s created for herself, she will miss her friends, family, everything she has ever known. Anna, the partier, the drunk, the loud mouth – is ready for a change.“

‘Confetti’ is available now via Tender Loving Empire. Vita and the Woolf’s new album Anna Ohio is set for release 21st August.