EP Review: Dragonfruit – Honeymoon Phase

A quartet on the rise, Dragonfruit’s shimmering EP Honeymoon Phase hasn’t left my ears yet.

Leading the way through a neo-soul meets electronic pop atmosphere, Dragonfruit create a shimmering electronic soundscape that could only be defined as ground-breaking in their new EP.

Titled ‘Honeymoon Phase’, the title makes it seem that you might only be hooked on the EP for a short time, just like a honeymoon phase can be when you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses, but there’s no way this is a short-term offering. Gaining attention from outlets such as Earmilk, Atwood Magazine and Wonderland, Dragonfruit have certainly caught the attention of tastemakers across the globe with this eclectic sound.

Fusing rich sounds and heavy synth tendencies, the five-track EP is coated with funk, R&B, indie, pop, and neo-soul elements throughout – or in other words, genres that shouldn’t work together but do!

The EP’s lead single, the swinging bop ‘Space Traveler’ showcases the band at their prime, blending R&B with pop exploits over a swelling bunching soundscape of bass heavy electronica. A rich, lucious bed of synth pads floats around the tight, percussion heavy beats adorns the musical backdrop.

Featuring artist Hudson shares the vocal duties with Dragonfruit’s Danique to give the track multiple dimensions and an effortless, intoxicating likability with ear-worm melodies delivered with a striking sense of joyous charisma. 

Speaking about the leading single from the EP ‘Space Traveler’, the band share; “Lead single of EP Honeymoon Phase. Space Traveler tells a story of someone who suffers from escapism so bad they escape to the galaxies. The song was written together with L.A based songwriters Daniel Davila and Cooper Bell, with the latter one featuring on the track itself as Hudson.”

The new EP is out today via Wicked Wax Records.