EP Review: Josephine – Paradise,

This debut EP showcases an emerging young indie pop artist with a world of potential.

Having shone on all of her releases since her 2020 emergence, US bedroom pop artist Josephine‘s rise so far has culminated with the release of her debut EP Paradise,. The release is a showcase of all that makes the artist and her work feel immersive and memorable, with the track’s showing off different facets of the artist’s thoughtful and nuanced sound.

The EP opens with ‘Pause’, an endearingly sweet track that melds the artist’s signature, experimental electronic beats with an soft, almost conversational delivery, immediately providing a laid-back introduction to the artist’s sound on the EP and the quiet power that it can so often possess. ‘Waiting For The Sun’ continues to be creative with its textures and soundscapes, making for a feel that almost feels like it could fit into a collection of tracks by Soft Hair¬†or an artist equally creative and ambitious. The track has this effortlessly cool, chill quality that is only amplified by the additional vocals from Marshall.

‘Serenity’ is the lead single from the EP, and has immediately has this air of instant pop appeal and coolness around it, culminating in a breezy, immersive chorus that feels as light and carefree as it does catchy. ‘Fly Away continues to establish this laid-back appeal while ‘Paradise’ is a track that has a bit more of a bite and dynamic edged, featuring punchier beats and a more energetic and restless approach from Josephine’s vocals. The thing that remains consistent throughout these tracks is this air of effortless coolness that seems to permeate everything that the artist does, whether in a laid-back, easygoing fashion or more cutting edge, there is a real charisma and personality to Josephine that shines through the work and gives it this lasting sense of appeal.

Closing out the EP is ‘Evolution’, an endlessly thoughtful and engaging track that showcases the multi-faceted appeal of the artist. Beginning as something of a stripped-back ballad, the track gives way to a wall of noise towards the end, creating an outpouring of catharsis and emotion among the distorted guitars. This track feels like a microcosm of Paradise, as a whole, is a really strong debut EP that showcases the different places that the artist can take her sound. She does this seamlessly throughout, while maintaining her signature DNA and charm that makes her sound feel so uniquely her own.

Josephine taught herself how to use the digital workspace Ableton Live while crafting her tracks simultaneously, and that has given her sound this truly authentic, DIY feel that provides it with even more personality and charm than the mountain that it possessed already. Paradise, is an early indication of a young, new artist that is finding her feet and her sound, and provides a great bit of insight into her massive potential. The sky looks to be the limit for the emerging artist, and the tracks on display here are a really powerful example of why.