EP Review: Maria Lane – 35 days

The indie-folk artist explores long distance relationships and the persevering nature of love on her gorgeous new EP.

Since her emergence back in 2021, Brooklyn artist Maria Lane has done a really rousing job of establishing herself as a reliable indie-folk songwriter who’s immersive and personal sound feels both instantly relatable and fiercely authentic and real, making for a plethora of highlights along the way. The artist’s new EP 35 days is a collection of four tracks that add to the consistency and charm of the artist’s work.

The EP explores long distance relationships and the challenges and nuances that come with them, making for a body of work that will resonate with some listeners on a deep and affecting level. The title track ’35 days’ opens the EP and provides a perfect example of this, with the artist utilising the soft atmospheric charm of her sound to create an endearing and alluring track centred around the times in between seeing each other and both the loneliness and sense of anticipation that can come with it. There is a real feeling of optimism that runs through the track here and brings it to life in thoughtful, charming fashion.

Things take a more sombre turn on ‘quality time’, a track where the artist vulnerably opens up about her struggles with feeling cast aside and neglected. This track really showcases the soft power of the artist’s songwriting and the symbiotic way that the artist’s sound and her lyrics elevate each other to a level that feels awe-inspiring and powerful. The track has a real sense of longing and sadness throughout but the gorgeous tone of the sound and the artist’s performance makes it feel all the more captivating and stirring.

‘hawaii’, much like the holiday destination, sees the artist looking for some kind of temporary escape and solace from the way that she feels, aching for better times and nostalgia to provide some kind of respite from the hurt. The dreamier and more spacious feel of the sound and the gentle feel of the waves creates this kind of illusion in places, but there is an underlying darkness that lingers throughout the track that provides it with a real multi-dimensional and thought-provoking edge.

The artist closes the EP and draws an end to the conflict and turmoil with an ode to love itself, and the way that is perseveres and survives in spite of any circumstances and tribulations. This is achieved with a cathartic and immersive cover of enduring 60s hit ‘can’t help falling in love’, the themes of the track and the artist’s gorgeous rendition provide the perfect conclusion to a narrative that has felt rocky and uncertain throughout, tying things up in satisfying and memorable fashion.

35 days is a really nicely crafted and thoughtfully assembled EP that has an interesting narrative thread running through it while each track is more than capable of holding up on its own. The overarching message of love conquering all is one that has been told countless times, but the artist’s personal experiences and the emotion and heart that is poured into every step of the journey makes the EP a worthwhile listening experience both for the captivating songwriting and the alluring, lasting charm of Maria Lane’s indie-folk sensibilities.