Unwrapped: Eva Westphal – Understood

We found out some more about the artist’s lush new queer anthem about finding yourself and feeling seen

On her thoughtful and completely and utterly heartwarming new single ‘Understood’, Eva Westphal talks about the cathartic journey that she has been on as she finds herself as a lesbian and freeing herself from the isolation that she felt growing up feeling so different to everyone else.

The track has a really intimate and vulnerable nature to it, but one that grows into a sense of euphoria and liberation as we go on this journey with the artist, becoming this uplifting beacon of joy. Regardless of our situations and what differences that we have, everyone is just looking to feel seen and understood, and Eve has captured this feeling perfectly on the new release, providing something of an anthem for queer people or anyone that is looking for the people that feel like home. We had a chat with Eva about the gorgeous new release and the poignant impact that it has.

Hey! We love your new single ‘Understood’, what more can you tell us about it?

Thanks so much! I’m super psyched to be featured in Clout, I’m a huge fan. “Understood” is about a feeling I used to get pretty often when I was in a large group of girls and they were all talking about crushes on guys; it made me feel kind of confused and isolated. Now I love all my friends and our conversations, so the rest of the song, beginning at the chorus, speaks to my growth and finding people who truly understand and accept me!

What was the process like putting it together?

I wrote the song back in the fall of 2022 and finished recording it in early January 2023. I worked with my incredible producer, KAIYI, on the finished product. I honestly just wanted to kick off this year’s releases with a more vulnerable song, and “Understood” definitely fits the bill. I’m excited to see how people react

The track speaks to your experience and sometimes the isolation you’ve felt as a queer person, do you find that people having tracks like this to relate to goes some way to alleviating those feelings?

I really hope that people can hear this song and say, “oh, I’m not alone” or “there’s nothing wrong with me or this feeling.” That’s how I feel when I listen to music I relate to. So all I really want to do with my music these days is to help people in that same way.

Are there any experiences specifically that inspired you to write this track?

Yes! The past two years of continuous growth and happiness inspired me to create a song that spoke to the change over time that I’ve felt. Although the first verse is pretty sad, the rest of the track has a more hopeful feel to it. I hope that people can hear the peace and happiness I feel these days when they listen to the rest of the song.

What else do you have planned for the near future?

I’m going to be dropping an EP this spring! Also, NYC readers… make sure to stay tuned for a headline show in April! Can’t say more than that, though!