Unwrapped: Tilly Louise – Join The Club

We had a chat with Tilly Louise about her carefree and fun single ‘Join The Club.

Since her emergence back in 2020 with the excellent debut release ‘Be Like You’, Tilly Louise‘s infectious charm and hook-laden alternative pop sheen have seen the artist grow into one of the most exciting emerging talents in the North West. Her indelible charisma and boundless energy have made for a tonne of highlights already for the artist, and her latest single ‘Join The Club’ may just be one of her finest moments to date.

The fuzzy and expansive new track explores feelings of being carefree and liberated as a young person, whether that is freedom from work or university, freedom from the lockdowns we’ve experienced, or anything else. This is matched gorgeously by the upbeat nature of the track and its irresistible, energetic charm. We love this track and its feelgood appeal, and have had a chat with Tilly Louise to find out a bit more about it and how it came together.

Hey! We love your new single ‘Join The Club’, what more can you tell us about it?

Join The Club’s meaning has changed and evolved over time, I feel. When I first wrote it, it was peak lockdown and I was missing the feeling of finishing uni and going to see my mates playing a show in town. Like most people, I felt as though I’d taken those times completely for granted.

What was the process like putting it together?

In terms of production, I started producing the track when I started writing it for the demo. I tend to produce the music first and write to the feel and idea I have. 2 years after writing it, I took my band into the studio. When we started recording their parts, I started to hear a bunch of new ideas for the track. From stabby keys to give the verse some drive, right down to how fast I could shake an egg shaker. I started to truly go from a beachy lo fi track, to a driving, sundrenched little thrasher!

We love the fun, upbeat feel of the track and its narrative, what inspired you to write it?

The narrative within the song has two separate time stamps. One being the autumn of 2019 and another being around the June/July of 2020, when we were finally allowed to visit friends and family in their back gardens etc. In the first verse, I wanted to set the scene of my friends and I talking about going to our uni mates show that night. Trying to gather all your friends to go and see them play, to have a good time and forget about the stress of university for a little while.

The second verse is telling the story of when I met up with my friends for the first time after lockdown. We all met up at my friend’s house and were having some drinks, catching up, all excited to be around each other. Talking about how different things are now and how it was before the pandemic hit and then a glass was knocked off a table and smashed. The sound caused a universal silence. No more laughing. It felt as though we all had a realisation of ‘ah this is the real world’, kind of like we were snapped back to reality again.

There are rumblings that you might have a debut EP in the works, what can you tell us?

I do have an EP on the way… I’ve been working on it properly since March 2020. Funnily enough, we were recording drums for one of the songs the day we went into lockdown (I filmed the day and uploaded a video to YouTube, although YouTube clipped a bunch of the videos out)

What else do you have planned for the near future?

I’ll be prepping to release more music, planning new merchandise and arranging a short tour again…