Unwrapped: STRØM’s ‘Immortal’

The Swedish producer and artist delves into his anticipated debut album Immortal

It seems there is a clear draw for many a serious artist, a juxtaposition between the old and new and the marriage of contrasting dichotomy. For songwriter and producer STRØM, this draw between the past, present and, indeed, future was pivotal in the creation of his new album Immortal. 

Growing up on the small island of Värmdö just off the coast of Sweden and going on to study production and sound design in Berlin, the debut collection of music to emerge from STRØM is innovative and emotive. Finding inspiration from the classic Middle Eastern folk tale collection One Thousand and One Nights, songs such as lead single Last Try and recent release ‘Mermaid’ show the depth and breadth of his electro-pop sound.

It’s time STRØM told us more…

‘Solar Sailor’

An intro track with a “working class hero” theme. There’s also a few Star Wars references for those who pay attention.


This was inspired by old myths and tales from (classic collection of folk tales) One Thousand and One Nights. I had the choir idea recorded for over two years before it was actually turned into a song. It’s my favorite track on the album.


There are so many uncleared samples in this song that it’s no where close to being legal…


Written and performed together with swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona. The idea was born in L.A and later finished in Stockholm.


‘Dynamo’ is a blend of futuristic pop and lo-fi electronica. I was playing around a bit with the lyrics and the subject, which is about a never ending battle with yourself.

‘Fox God’


‘Last Try’

People seem to really like this song and I’ve been showered with nice words since the day it was released. That’s a great feeling.

‘Blurred Out’

The sound of me being too creative.


First track ever written for this project. Without this song the album probably never would’ve existed.

STRØM’s new album Immortal is available now via This is Scandinavia / Sony Music.