Fergus channels his emotions on ‘All You’re Not’

The track is a direct response to his previous single 'Concave'...

The track is a direct response to his previous single ‘Concave’…

London talent Fergus returns with his brand new single ‘All You’re Not’. The track is a direct response to his pervious release ‘Concave’.

An artist who writes songs according to his mood, ‘All You’re Not’ fittingly carries an emotive and melancholy air. Opening with gently plucked guitar strings, Fergus’ stunning tone drifts through, weaving amidst percussion and slowly building to a meandering and unusual rhythm.

“’All You’re Not’ is a retaliation to being branded by someone as lacking in so many ways,” shares Fergus of his new single. “A veil has been lifted and you finally see the situation for what it was, and what this person was doing to you… wearing you down and eventually eroding your self-esteem completely.

“You realise all these faults are not, actually, part of your character at all, but a reflection of theirs,” he continues. “So, you start to remember your worth, stop feeling sorry for yourself and become free to heal. ‘All You’re Not’ is riotous and viciously defensive – because it’s high time you claimed back your wounded self.”

‘All You’re Not’ is available now via Goldun Egg Records.