‘Pleasing People’ is a defiant new 90s edged single from Alex Amor

The track closes out the artist's new EP The Art of Letting Go. 

The track closes out the artist’s new EP The Art of Letting Go.

Exciting UK artist Alex Amor and her immersive writing have covered a lot of ground over the last few years, but her latest single ‘Pleasing People’ and its staunch aim at the patriarchy may be her most punchy and memorable to date.

The track is the final track from the lauded artist’s new EP The Art of Letting Go, and details the artist’s firm stance on accepting her place in society and allow herself to be told what to do and how to behave by others. The colourful nature of her effortlessly catchy pop sound and defiance of her lyrics make for a charged and incredibly fun listening experience that bubbles with the 90s indie flair while showcasing her more modern sensibilities. The track is just the latest in a long line of excellent releases from the artist, and ties up her EP is a distinguished and unforgettable fashion.

“Throughout my life I’ve been told to not talk too much or take up too much space, to put everyone’s needs before mine.” Alex says of the track. “Maybe it’s a result of growing up with the expectations that come along with being a woman. Maybe it comes from a strong desire to be liked. My natural default is peace keeper, trying to mediate every situation I come across, avoiding conflict at all costs. But being pulled in every direction is exhausting if you forget you’re the one steering the ship. Recently, I’ve fully come to terms with the power of a simple word. No. No, I don’t feel comfortable. No, I’m not going out tonight. No, I refuse to be the idea you have of me anymore. One day I woke up and learnt to trust my gut instincts. And soon enough, I realised that my inner compass could be stronger than other people’s expectations. If you are people pleaser, just know we are more powerful than we think! You have more agency over your own life than you know.”