Lizzie – Fool of My Heart

Lizzie drops a brand new bop in, 'Fool of My Heart'.

Lizzie drops a brand new bop in ‘Fool of My Heart’. 

The new bop from 18-year old, Lizzie offers up a vibrant and emotive Pop soundscape on ‘Fool of My Heart’. 

Speaking on the track, Lizzie explains: “I was happy with my last EP and wanted to write something a bit more upbeat for my next EP.  I had already toyed around with an idea about writing things meant to be empowering as I had myself had issues where people had taken advantage of my kind and caring nature and I wanted to make a statement about how people shouldn’t take advantage of other people or make fools of them.

I was messing around with words and found myself thinking about relationships.  The song for me is quite personal.  I was in a relationship a while back when I thought we were happy only to find that the guy thought it was ok to cheat on me if I didn’t know about it.  They told a friend about it and that friend felt it wasn’t right and didn’t want to see me get hurt.  Although I was upset I was grateful that my friend came to me about it and I had a long heart to heart with the guy and it was clear that we had very different ideas of a relationship and we mutually ended the relationship.  It was hard to do as I had invested myself in that guy but it opened my eyes to making sure I valued myself and realising I needed to be clear about what I was looking for in a relationship.

Afterwards I realised that lots of people find themselves in these situations and have no idea how to handle things.  The song I think makes it clear that relationships should be equal partnerships and that they need to be honest and truthful as otherwise there is only one real end and that could be quite sad.”

Some real deep meanings from someone so young, just goes to show how much promise this young artist has as a future hitmaker of tomorrow.

If Lizzie isn’t on your ones to watch list already, then she definitely should be now.