Aves team up with Charlotta Kerbs on their lush and creative new single ‘Jaguar’

The track follows the release of 'The Seasons' earlier in the year.

The track follows the release of ‘The Seasons’ earlier in the year.

On the lush new single ‘Jaguar’, creative and expansive Helsinki-based outfit Aves team up with Charlotta Kerbs, who lends her effortlessly soulful vocals to the track.

The track feels like a slight departure from the usual sound of the synth pop outfit, with a more anthemic, progressive rock feel to the track and the way that it builds. Charlotta’s vocals do a seamless job of bridging this gap for the outfit, and make for a track that cements their status as one of the more innovative and fearless acts around today. Despite their run of successes, Aves are never shy of trying something exciting and different, and this looks set to continue bringing in admirers and acclaim for them.

“Jaguar is about someone troubled by their past.” Aves say of the track. “As an escape from this burden they spend their days as if half asleep, dissociated from the people and events around them. One day a jaguar appears to them in a waking dream. Its grace and confidence reminds them of a purer self. Someone with the strength to break destructive habits and regain control of their life.”